Friday, December 30, 2016

Mantic Crazy Box 2016

I received a very intriguing package from Mantic Games recently.  Each year Mantic Games sells a special Crazy Box, filled with random miniatures from all their different games.  This year is especially crazy, as there was a chance one of your boxes may come with an even more valuable prize.  I ordered the Crazy Box Bundle which gives me a box of fantasy stuff and a box of sci-fi stuff.  And I got a big prize in both boxes!!!

Fantasy Crazy Box

The big prize is the dragon from Dungeon Saga's expansion Tyrant of Halpi.  The expansion is $49.99, not sure how much the dragon itself is worth, but its a hefty chunk of plastic.

These are some abyssal demons from Dungeon Saga's Infernal Crypts expansion.

And also from Dungeon Saga the orcs and goblins of the Warlord of Galahir expansion. 

This big boy is Grokagamok, an Ogre hero of Kings of War.  Value $14.99.

This is an undead skeletal dog handler, which could only be purchased with Mantic Points.  Sadly I do not see him available any more. 

Kings of War chariot (without driver).  Value ~$19.99.

Kings of War - Forces of Nature - Salamanders (5)

Kings of War - Forces of Abyss - Succubi (5)

Kings of War - Forces of Abyss - Lower Abyssals (5)

Sci-fi Crazy Box

The 'big' prize in this box is the Deadzone compilation book "Containment Protocols".  Value $10.99.  I was able to read the book on our family vacation.  There were some good and some mediocre stories, but overall it was nice to have a little background in the Deadzone universe.

A very random group of Mars Attacks miniatures; two from the Novas Vira Militia and the flaming cows from Civilian Slaughter.

Deadzone - Plague - 12 Plague Mutants, 2 Plague Hounds, and an Aberration (he's $19.99 himself)!

Dreadball - one guy from Midgard Delvers, Trontek 29ers, Skittersneak Stealers, and Greenmoon Smackers.  I don't play Dreadball, so these guys will all be modified for sci-fi skirmishing.

Deadzone - Marauders - 2 Commandos, 2 Goblin Snipers, and 2 Mawbeasts.

Deadzone - Asterians - 1 Overseer and 3 Cyphers.

Deadzone - Forge Fathers - 5 of the old Steel Warriors models 

Deadzone - Veer-myn - 2 Nightmares and a Night Terror ($19.99 himself)!

Deadzone - Battlezone Scenery - Landing Pad Sprue B and I think an Urban sprue that has a crane.

Thoughts on Mantic's Crazy Box 2016

I really like the Crazy Box concept.  It suits my current interests of gathering a variety of miniatures without having to purchase whole armies.  With that being said, its inevitable that you will get something that you have no interest in using.  But for me, I just see that as an opportunity to do some kit-bashing and conversions.  As for the value in each box, I think they were fantastic.  I tried to put prices up for the higher value items under the labels of the pictures.

Out of the fantasy crazy box, I think I like the 5 Salamanders, 5 Succubi, and 5 Lower Abyssals the most, mostly because they came on sprues so I could design them how I want (I love having creative freedom when assembling miniatures).  The dragon is cool too, he's a monstrous paperweight and I'm limited on dragons in my collection.  I don't care for the other Dungeon Saga miniatures since I already have them.

I think I will get more use out of the sci-fi crazy box however.  I've already got plans to incorporate most of the Deadzone miniatures into either Rogue Stars, In the Emperor's Name, or FUBAR.  Even the Dreadball minis will be converted accordingly.  The Mars Attacks miniatures are my least favorite.

One negative feedback about the Crazy Box, and it can be a major or minor complaint depending on your point of view, but there are NO bases for the miniatures.  NONE.  ZERO.  That means I need to order bases for all these guys, which is an inconvenience.

But overall, I like Mantic's Crazy Box.  And depending on how they arrange things next Christmas, I might have to order another bundle.