Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fightin' Fungi - More Spell Walls

 And so continues my goal to create magical Walls for Fightin' Fungi.  Beware, the following images contain crude attempts at using glue, styrofoam, cardboard, paint, and other stuff.  You have been warned....

In the above picture, on the left is the Wall of Wood and to the right is the Wall of Worms.

The Wall of Wood is special.  'Special' you ask?  Yes, special.  The "logs" are actually pieces of papertowel sheets rolled up and soaked with water and glue.  Amazing, right?

The Wall of Worms is also special.  This time the styrofoam was soaked in glue and buried in white rice.  My daughter wanted me to put details on the worms themselves.  I'm not up for that task.  Looks like bubblegum.

Just for scale purposes.  Here is the Tree Giant playing peek-a-boo with the elven archer.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Fightin' Fungi - Spell Walls

After looking through the Spell list for Fightin' Fungi, I wanted to outfit some spellcasters with something new and unique.  Then I saw the Walls.  To be honest, I originally skimmed through the Spells when I first downloaded the playtest rules and Walls never really caught my attention.

But now, the idea of making some thematic walls seemed entertaining.  It got my hamster-wheels spinning and light bulbs came on.  Time to make stuff...

Here are the three walls I've made so far.  I'm not expecting trophies for ingenuity or execution, but at least I'll have something to use on the tabletop.

First up is the Wall of Fire.  The wall is styrofoam, then coated with wood filler, and semi-shaped into lava/fire type-ish texture and glued on cardboard.  

Next is the Wall of Ice.  The wall is also styrofoam on cardboard.  After a brief dry-brush painting it was coated with a sparkly Mod Podge gloss coat.  

Lastly is the Wall of Water.  This styrofoam wall was coated in wood filler that was sorta kinda shaped into waves.  Its thicker and heavier than the other walls, but oh well, got carried away with wood filler.

Currently drying is a Wall of Wood and a Wall of Worms.  The Wall of Wood I used 'tree trunk/logs' made of paper towel sheets rolled and glued haphazardly to a styrofoam wall.  The Wall of Worms is a styrofoam wall coated in lots of glue and lots of white rice and coated with more glue.  These walls are going to be drying for a while before painting.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fightin' Fungi Battle Report - 2/18/15

I wanted to playtest a few of the new traits found in the Fightin' Fungi rules.  As well as try out these Wrath of Kings minis I got.  I know my painting sucks, and the terrain is VERY primitive.  At least give me credit for trying.  Please?  Oh well.

These are the Tide Hunters, Dwellers of the Deep Abyss, Riders of the Seas, and they smell (and taste) like fish.  Yummy!

These are the Wulfkin, wolf-men that rule the forests, howl at the moon, and curse the flea demons!

The two warbands meet on the field of dark wood-stained kitchen table.  The mission: capture the sacred well at the temple.  This sacred well is filled with sanitary potable water, a worthy prize for the thirsty.  Don't drink out of the pond in front of the temple, its made of styrofoam and wood filler.

The Tide Hunters advance to the temple.  The Leviathan leads the charge, confident in his huge heavily armored body.  

Not frightened, the Wulfkin are able to launch the Bladedancers and Battlerager swiftly forward as the rest moves up forming a solid front.

A charge is given by the Leviathan.  

The Wulfkin roll an untimely turn-over and the Tide Hunters capitalize on it.  The Battlerager is slain and a Bladedancer is knocked down.

Then in a surprising turn of events the Wulfkin are all able to activate and press forward collectively.

The Acolyte of the Abyss launches a stunning bolt of lightning from the safety of the murky pond at the group of Wulfkin Warriors.  One is knocked down and the Man'o'War Veteran moves in and then....

...a Gruesome Kill of a Wulfkin Warrior!  Most of them fail morale and flee.  The Wulfkin Dreadnaught, with an amazing Power Attack with his Heavy Weapon, obliterates the Tide Hunter Gladiator.

But wait!  The Wulfkin Pack swarm in again and the Wulfkin Dreadnaught's Heavy Weapon slaughters the Man'o'War Veteran with a Gruesome Kill, his Squishy body unable to defend against it.

All is not lost for the sea-dwellers.  The Slow Man'o'War leading a duo of Abyss Spearmen group advance, slay a Wulfkin Bladedancer, causing a morale check as the Wulfkin were then at 50%.

However, the Wulfkin were not to be denied.  They are relentless in their approach.  The Man'o'War's Squishy body is able to defend many attacks.

Then the Man'o'War is slain, the Tide Hunters roll for morale as they drop below 50%.  One of the spearmen flees far away.  A Wulfkin makes his way up the stairs as the leader of the Tide Hunters waits for the inevitable.

In a last ditch effort, Neptuni Regis attempts to kill the Wulfkin Warrior and to hold the temple, hoping his Abyss Spearman would help out, to at least distract the big hairy brute....

...but it was not meant to be.  The Wulfkin Warrior deflected the thrust and the Tide Hunter leader was fatally wounded.  The surviving members of the dwellers of the deep would escape to tell the tale of their fallen leader and of the mangy dogs that claimed the sacred fountain of drinkable water.

All in all it was a delightful game.  Here are some thoughts and observations I had:

- Each warband was 398 pts, with Wulfkin spending 168 pts and Tide Hunters spending 126 pts on Personalities.  Typically SoBH would limit to 30%, but for Fightin' Fungi I appreciate the higher allowance on Personalities, especially with new magic spells involved. 

- I had 2 models with Evade and Counter.  Never got a chance to use it.  Sounds good on paper.

- Heavily Armored also sounds good on paper.  But when it came time for the Leviathan to test his Heavy Armor, regretfully a +1 C after the Combat resolution was not enough to defend against his knock down or later the kill result while on the ground.  

- Heavy Weapon - LOVE IT!  You would think a Power Attack then followed up with a natural roll of a 6 would be extremely rare.  It happened TWICE!  Probably just a fluke roll of dice, but currently it rocks!

- Javelin...um...nothing.  The two spear-wielding Wulfkin had the Javelin trait (javelin/spear same difference).  Each time they moved and tried to toss a Javelin they were out of range.  One of them rolled a natural 1, so no more Javelins.  Need to ask if the Javelin can be thrown on multiple range bands.

- Long Reach was very helpful for the Abyss Spearmen.  They were able to assist the Man'o'War to slay one of the Wulfkin.  Never got a chance to use the Wulfkin with the Long Reach.  I made a warband error for the Tidehunters though.  The Abyss Spearmen are normal size, the only other model they can attack over with the Long Reach Trait is the lone Man'o'War.  Need to rethink using Long Reach only if similar sized models.

- Squishy came up a few times for the Man'o'War.  I was lucky to roll natural 6's a couple of them.  It prolonged his life for a little while.  Definitely useful and thematic at the same time.

- Spell: Lightning rocks!  Its almost like a chaotic version of Legendary Shot.  Zap Zap Zap!

Need more playtime!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Redcap the Exiled

Inspired by the Kickstarter Fightin' Fungi, I decided to do a quick sketch of a character idea.  Redcap the Exiled and Ssariseita, his giant worm companion.  He had once been part of the Rotten Hearts but has left them due to a change of heart, thus becoming now a wandering defender of the Vale.

And yes, its a picture of the picture.  My scanner decided to die.  Yay.

Final Hours of Fightin' Fungi Kickstarter!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Progress is progressing

Just a couple WIP pictures of the assembled Wrath of Kings miniatures I'll be using to play Song of Blades and Heroes.  Yes, I can't paint to save my life.  At least rate me an 'A' for effort and enthusiasm.

Hadross will be proxies for an aquatic faction in my fantasy realm.  These sea-dwelling forces invade the shores of surface folk for their own nefarious reasons.  

These Goritsi will be part of a decadent society of vampires, nobles and highborn that hide among the mortal human upper-class while feeding on the poor and destitute of the cities.

The Goritsi werewolves will be the Wulfkin.  These humanoid wolves hunt the wilds of mountains and forests.  Some simply defend their territories and nature itself.  Others seek to sow chaos and death to those who would dare enter their realm, tracking them back to their homesteads and villages to slay them all.