Monday, February 9, 2015

Progress is progressing

Just a couple WIP pictures of the assembled Wrath of Kings miniatures I'll be using to play Song of Blades and Heroes.  Yes, I can't paint to save my life.  At least rate me an 'A' for effort and enthusiasm.

Hadross will be proxies for an aquatic faction in my fantasy realm.  These sea-dwelling forces invade the shores of surface folk for their own nefarious reasons.  

These Goritsi will be part of a decadent society of vampires, nobles and highborn that hide among the mortal human upper-class while feeding on the poor and destitute of the cities.

The Goritsi werewolves will be the Wulfkin.  These humanoid wolves hunt the wilds of mountains and forests.  Some simply defend their territories and nature itself.  Others seek to sow chaos and death to those who would dare enter their realm, tracking them back to their homesteads and villages to slay them all.

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