Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fightin' Fungi - More Spell Walls

 And so continues my goal to create magical Walls for Fightin' Fungi.  Beware, the following images contain crude attempts at using glue, styrofoam, cardboard, paint, and other stuff.  You have been warned....

In the above picture, on the left is the Wall of Wood and to the right is the Wall of Worms.

The Wall of Wood is special.  'Special' you ask?  Yes, special.  The "logs" are actually pieces of papertowel sheets rolled up and soaked with water and glue.  Amazing, right?

The Wall of Worms is also special.  This time the styrofoam was soaked in glue and buried in white rice.  My daughter wanted me to put details on the worms themselves.  I'm not up for that task.  Looks like bubblegum.

Just for scale purposes.  Here is the Tree Giant playing peek-a-boo with the elven archer.

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