Wednesday, December 30, 2015

More dungeon delving

Today my son and I dived into Dungeon Saga and then Wrath of Ashardalon.  He made it through the first two quests of Dungeon Saga and lost the third at the end, as I had drawn the last Overlord card.  For Wrath of Ashardalon we played the first adventure together and won without using a single Healing Surge (yes I know its supposed to be for solo).

End of the first quest of Dungeon Saga.  The heroes were barely scratched.

End of second quest of Dungeon Saga.  The heroes won without too much problem.

This was the setup of the third quest of Dungeon Saga.  Lots of undead and tiles.

Finally made it through the undead to open the first door and lots of zombies hanging in the new room.

End of the third quest of Dungeon Saga.  The wizard reached the final door, used Break Ward once (it needs a second to unlock), and then Overlord turn there were no more cards to draw.  So the Overlord won.  Muahaha!

This was Wrath of Ashardalon, reached the Tunnel Exit tile and defeated the Kobold boss.  My son played the rogue and I the cleric.  It really helped having the ability to heal each turn, when able to do so.  Encounters are so vicious.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Dungeon Saga heroes

I was able to paint up the heroes for Dungeon Saga.  My son is working on the monster pile of undead.  There is SOOOOOO much painting we've got left to do.  The workload has tripled in size thanks to Christmas.  Yay.

Madriga, Rordin, Orlaf, and Danor, the core heroes.

Vinetia and Ibrahim.

Keldan and Blaine.

Logan, Hordin & Gnasher, and Ally.

Kapoka, Hratth, and Arianya.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Wrath of Ashardalon - solo play - 12-28-15

Just finished my first solo game of Wrath of Ashardalon.  Not sure why, but lately my solo gaming has ended in defeat (see previous post about Space Hulk: Death Angel).  This game was no different.  Bad rolling for the hero, and great luck for the villains.  However, despite the loss, I'm looking forward to playing again.

Lots of cards and minis.  This will be fun!
Sentries are nasty, with the ability to reveal unexplored tiles and more monsters.  Right off the bat I was in trouble. 
I survived hordes of monsters and encounters, taking heavy damage.

And then this encounter drops just prior to the start of my next Hero Phase.  Last HP removed and first Healing Surge to be used for this game.

And my favorite sentries appear again which make more monsters appear such as more sentries.  Then an added bonus with the devils that come in packs of three.

A Wand of Fear gives me some breathing room from those devils.

Here the Cave Bear mauls me and I'm forced to use my second and last Healing Surge.

Here I am whittling away the monsters, hanging on by my fingertips.  A lucky Encounter lets me flip over my Dwarf ability to regain 4 HP.  I just might survive this.

Then an Encounter brings in another tile and monster.  This time our Dwarf Hero is overcome.

Wrath of Ashardalon

And lastly ANOTHER tabletop Christmas present.  Dungeons & Dragon Wrath of Ashardalon board game.  Production value for this game are fantastic.  Lots of goodies.  My hopes were to combine Dungeon Saga and Wrath of Ashardalon to mix-match my dungeon delving desires.  Only time will tell if it will work.

Dungeons & Dragons, played in a dungeon with an actual dragon.

Look at all these goodies.  Tiles, tokens, and minis galore.

Weird monsters.

The dragon Ashardalon himself and some other beasties.

Orcs and duergar.

Some boss monsters.

Daring dungeon delving do-gooders.

Arcane Legions re-purposed

And another bargain Christmas present bought over the Black Friday weekend was the Arcane Legions starter box.  100+ miniatures for $6?  Yes please!

Then I started looking at the miniatures.  They are tiny and details are a bit lacking.  However, I got a lot of them.  Not sure that's a good or bad thing yet.  They won't work for skirmish gaming, but for mass combat (Kings of War or Hordes of the Things or Dragon Rampant maybe) they will suffice.  Now I just need to get some bases for some generic formations (not blank index cards like in the pictures).

Steam-powered Roman soldiers?  Space Marines?  Sure...

Roman legionnaires

Roman bowmen.

Spartans?  Greek hoplites?
Egyptian Lich and undead crew.

Undead Egyptian tomb guards

Egyptian bowmen
Asian leader with some spearmen.

Ninjas and swordsmen.

Asian bowmen.


Added to my Christmas stocking were some sets from the Alkemy miniature range, also bought from Miniature Market during their Black Friday sale.  These were extremely inexpensive, about $1 per mini.  I plan on using them in Song of Blades & Heroes.  I wish they had a larger range of miniature types, as they look great and are very original.

I got the Kingdom of Avalon Starter Add-on and Lotharius & Retiarii, then from the Aurlok Nation their Starter Add-on and Auroch Rain Dancers.

From my perspective, this looks like a mercenary swordsman and a noble knight.

These two hulking creatures have some funky chaos mutation/magic stuff happening to their arms.  Not quite sure what to use them as.  Perhaps chaos ogres.

A man-at-arms and a crossbowman.

An orc drummer and orc horn-blower.

An orc warboss and thrower thing.

And a couple more warrior things...not quite orcs or goblins.  Guess they could pass for some type of savage orc or hobgoblin.

The Age of the Rag'narok - Confrontation - Starter Set

Another of my Christmas presents was the starter set for Rackham's Confrontation.  Although I have no inclination to use the rules from Confrontation, the opportunity to get a handful of superbly detailed and pre-painted miniatures based on their fantastic art-style was hard to miss.  Especially since Miniature Market was selling them for dirt cheap.

Very nice box with an amazing art piece by Paul Bonner, definitely a fan of his style.
Here were the accessories in the box; dice (with a dragon emblem for the 6), a tape measure, and the nicely designed rulebook, which I won't be using.  There was also a decent folded battlefield map, double-sided, but sadly I won't use that either.
Here is the included hill and all the miniatures.  They have great detail and the pre-painted jobs, while not original, are better than any of my own painted minis.

Since the designs of the Wolfen are nearly identical to the Wrath of Kings' Goritsi, I had to put some up for comparison.  And yes, the pre-painted Wolfen look better than my own painted Goritsi.  At least I tried.

Wrath of Kings' Goritsi have more dynamic poses, but this is only the Confrontation starter set I'm comparing to.

Considering Miniature Market was selling this entire box for $10 over the Black Friday weekend sale, I think I got an amazing deal.  Well worth the price and the wait until Christmas to open it.

Highly recommended if you want some spearmen or wolf-men to use in some skirmish games.  As you can see, the Wolfen could be used with Wrath of Kings, or in Song of Blades and Heroes, or as werewolves in Kings of War.  The fact that you don't need to paint them is another high selling point.  The hill terrain piece has use in any tabletop game.  Buy it today!