Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Triumphant return!

Been absent for a while, but now I have returned with all new reports and pictures too!

First up was a game of One Page Rules' Grimdark Racing.  (https://onepagerules.wordpress.com/portfolio/grimdark-racing/)

My son and I enjoyed the game.  Fast and easy rules.  Reminds us a lot of Mario Kart racing, nothing wrong with that at all.

My son played the Rebels (snowspeeder and X-wing) while I had the Empire (Tie Fighter and Tie Bomber).  We used them all as Skimmers.

The Tie Fighter led the way and would maintain the lead the entire three laps.
This was the start of the second lap.  The Tie Fighter had a commanding lead and I used the Tie Bomber as a wrecking ball and prevented the Rebels from getting close to the leader.
End of the third lap.  The Tie Fighter crossed first, X-wing second.  

Next up, my son and I decided to give One Page Rules' Kill Team a test.  (https://onepagerules.wordpress.com/portfolio/one-page-kill-team/)

I played as the Orks (Warpath Marauders) and my son played as the Space Marines (Deadzone Enforcers).  I really enjoy the simple approach from the One Page Rules.

Orks to the left, Space Marines to the right.

WAAAGH!  Orks advance, and get shot along the way as usual.

As you can see, many Orks did not make the trip across the battlefield.

The end of the match.  I lucked out in slaughtering many Space Marines with the Orks' brutal close combat abilities.  But after four rounds I lost, with most of my force decimated by Space Marine gunfire.

And finally, my oldest daughter played my son with One Page Rules' Skirmish (https://onepagerules.wordpress.com/portfolio/one-page-skirmish/)

Using Reaper Bones miniatures we attempted to create a couple possible warbands based off of the Warhammer Fantasy army lists.  My son went with the Tomb Kings (lots of undead naturally).  And the daughter chose Wood Elves.  Tallying up the points and upgrades was quite a chore.  In the end, point wise, the warbands were even.  As far as model count, the Tomb Kings undead severely outnumbered the Elves.

My daughter faces my son across the battlefield.

The Tomb Kings's undead shamble onto the scene.

A couple Wood Elf archers are able to set up on a tower in the deployment zone of the Tomb Kings.  They were able to rain down terror from their high vantage point.

This is the remainder of the Wood Elves.  Vastly outnumbered by the undead.

Skirmish has a whole load of special abilities to keep track of, as you can see my son looking at his reference sheet.  But by the end of the game, he was victorious.  The leader of the Wood Elves was slain and their warband decimated by the never ending undead.

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  1. Welcome back! Good to see the One Page Rules helping to encourage the next generation to our hobby.