Monday, September 28, 2015

One Page Kill Team - 9/28/15

I finally got around to trying out one of the One Page Rules games.  This was a straight skirmish of One Page Kill Team, using my Deadzone minis.  The Enforcers I used as proxies of Space Marines and the Marauders were Orks of course.

The Enforcer Space Marines.  Led by a Terminator Captain, three Tactical Marines (Assault Rifles), two Tactical Marines (Jump Packs, pistol/power weapons, Veteran Training), and one Tactical Marine (Machine Gun).  Total points was 275.

The Marauder Orks.  Led by a Warboss (in front with Powerfist/pistol, 'Eavy Armor), two groups of 3 Ork Boyz (pistols, hand weapons), two Lootas (Deffguns), and a Nob (pistol/powerfist).  Total points was 275.

The Tactical Marines with Assault Rifles and the Machine Gun deployed in cover.  The Terminator Captain and two Marines with Jump Packs were held in reserve to Deep Strike later.

A Deffgun Boy hides in one building as the Warboss and mob of Boyz wait in cover.

The other corner is guarded by a Deffgun boy and the Nob along with other mob of Boyz.

Typical Ork fashion, charge!  Not sure why I didn't bother to use Waaagh!

Following turn saw the Deep Striking Marines arrive.  This corner I had planned on taking the Deffgun Boy out, but the Nob has turned to counter attack.

The other Jump Pack Marine I dropped behind cover with the intention to strike at the Warboss behind that crate.

The Terminator Captain popped in on the other corner to attack the other Deffgun Boy.

Fourth and final round, the Machine Gun Marine and a Tactical Marine were killed.  But they were able to finish off one mob of Boyz and complete stun the other mob.

This assault happy Marine slayed the Nob and stunned the Deffgun Boy.  The Terminator Captain murdered the other Deffgun Boy.

With the Marauder Orks at half-strength it was time to roll for morale.  The Warboss was the only non-Stunned model, so I rolled his Quality.  I failed, even with Fearless.  It would mean the Stunned models are killed and the warband Routed.  But the Warboss is a Hero and Fearless, so I could re-roll failed Rout tests and choose the highest of two dice rolls.  Here was my result, a 2 and a 1.  Thanks Warboss.  Thus the Stunned models are slain and the Warboss is Routed.
I really enjoyed One Page Kill Team.  From start to finish; setting up terrain, writing up warband rosters, and playing, it took maybe an hour, and thats with looking back at rules and taking pictures throughout.  Its not difficult by any means, just had to re-verify weapons stats and special rules every so often.

I think I like this set of rules better than FUBAR so far, but having only played one game of each that decision might be a bit premature.  I'll have to try them both out again to be sure which I prefer.

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