Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sci-fi collection grows!

I have collected a handful of sci-fi miniatures from Mantic's Warpath.  Starting with 10 Marauder Grunts and from Project Pandora; 10 Corporation Marines and 10 Veer-myn Night Crawlers.

I am planning on backing the Warpath Kickstarter, which will be live tomorrow.  Hoping for a good deal to significantly increase my sci-fi collection.  Then I'll have a wider selection of playtest applicants as I continue to work on Song of Tomorrow, or whatever it will be called when I'm done with it.

Here are the Veer-myn.  One is Master Reekish (ray-gun and knife), Exterminator (chem-thrower), and the other eight have ray-guns.  Assembly wasn't too bad.  There were two body types for the eight regular Veer-myn while Master Reekish and the Exterminator had a third body type.  No bases were included in Project Pandora, so I had to improvise using the last of my Reaper Bones 2 kickstarter bases and a Sedition Wars base for Master Reekish.
Here are the Corporation Marines.  One is Sgt. Cruise (powerfist and pistol, though I strapped a rifle to his back for 'close encounters') and nine regular marines.  I strapped 'special weapons' to two of the marines, in case I ever want to include a plasma gun or flamer to the squad.  Apparently I would have had to carve up the included arms to install the special weapons, so opted for the lazy-man-strap-to-the-marine's-back method.  Assembling the arms was a pain in the butt, real fiddly in their design.  

Here are the Marauder Grunts.  I've made two of these guys Nobs (40k lingo for bigger orx with powerclaws and pistols).  There are two support weapons, one is the included heavy weapon and the other is a bastardized weapon from cobbled together bits; so a plasma cannon or a laser cannon.  The other six Grunts have pistols and melee weapons.  One of them is carrying some sort of tech gadget, like a scanner or something.  Assembly wasn't difficult for these guys.  The only problem was in deciding who got which arm/weapon.  So many choices, lots of mix-matching went on with the available sprues.  I've still got lots of random bits left-over and I was trying to use it all up.

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