Thursday, September 24, 2015

FUBAR 40k with Mantic minis - 9/24/15

Since I have all these Deadzone/Warpath miniatures now, and I'm extremely slow painting anyways, I figured I might as well play a game with them.  As I contemplate my sci-fi skirmish rules, I decided to try some other rules out there.  One of the rules I downloaded was FUBAR (  It seemed simple enough, fitting on one page too.  Then I found the 40k variant, which seemed to fit in with the Mantic figures I have.  So without further ado, I give you FUBAR 40k with Mantic miniatures....

So nice to have rules that fit on one page.

Here is my latest addition; Deadzone scenery.  I tried to stretch out as many 'buildings' that I could from what was provided.  Its at least a start to my collection.

The Veer-myn hold the front lines while the Marauder Orx cover the rear.  There are three objectives, those little crates.

After the first couple turns, the Enforcers move in and clean house with authority.  I gave the Veer-myn no armor, so their lives were wasted.  Then again, I had put them out in the open, no cover.  Brilliant thinking....

The Enforcer Captain and Assault guys, all with jump-packs and power weapons, versus three regular Veer-myn.

Veer-myn just about wiped out....

Marauders charge out.

An Orx 'nob with powerklaw' leads an assault.

First objective captured as the Enforcer Captain clashes with another Orx 'nob with powerklaw'.

The heavy weapon Enforcer were decimated.  The lone sniper would not survive much longer.  The Enforcer Captain handles the other Marauders.  The Assault Enforcer was laid down to show Suppression, but I forgot that close combat failed saves are casualties not Suppression.

End of the game.  Only the two Marauder heavy weapons remained.  I was certain this would end in clear victory.

All in all, FUBAR is a quick simple game.  Fairly straight forward with no convoluted rules to worry about.  I believe its geared to slightly larger warbands than I have.  Perhaps closer to 30+ models per side.  I'll try FUBAR out again in the near future.

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