Saturday, September 12, 2015

Song of Tomorrow - Playtest 1 - 9/12/15 back to the drawing board.  Song of Blades and Heroes is a great ruleset, which I'll be using for fantasy skirmish.  But something about sci-fi skirmish is just not working right.  The only thing I added to the base rules were lots of ranged weapons.

Lots of blocking terrain, forces you to find open firing lanes and invokes the need to hug walls and duck into cover.  I want tactical movement, which is the plan in Song of Tomorrow.
Here are the power-armored super soldiers.  They have stronger rifles and power armor and better Quality/Combat.

Here are the Intergalactic Marines.  They have standard rifles, regular armor, and stats.  Along with a hovering drone. 
Marines move out!

Super soldiers advance!

After some Reactions, shooting attempts, etc.
 Currently the rules are based on standard SoBH.  Making ranged weapons the primary source of combat has changed the game fundamentals.  I might implement a 'rolling to shoot' rule, using the model's Quality.  Then if successful, the model rolls d6 adding weapon C versus target d6 plus C.  Range modifiers will worsen the shooter's Quality to a max of 6.  Just some ideas.

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