Monday, December 28, 2015


Added to my Christmas stocking were some sets from the Alkemy miniature range, also bought from Miniature Market during their Black Friday sale.  These were extremely inexpensive, about $1 per mini.  I plan on using them in Song of Blades & Heroes.  I wish they had a larger range of miniature types, as they look great and are very original.

I got the Kingdom of Avalon Starter Add-on and Lotharius & Retiarii, then from the Aurlok Nation their Starter Add-on and Auroch Rain Dancers.

From my perspective, this looks like a mercenary swordsman and a noble knight.

These two hulking creatures have some funky chaos mutation/magic stuff happening to their arms.  Not quite sure what to use them as.  Perhaps chaos ogres.

A man-at-arms and a crossbowman.

An orc drummer and orc horn-blower.

An orc warboss and thrower thing.

And a couple more warrior things...not quite orcs or goblins.  Guess they could pass for some type of savage orc or hobgoblin.

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