Monday, December 28, 2015

Arcane Legions re-purposed

And another bargain Christmas present bought over the Black Friday weekend was the Arcane Legions starter box.  100+ miniatures for $6?  Yes please!

Then I started looking at the miniatures.  They are tiny and details are a bit lacking.  However, I got a lot of them.  Not sure that's a good or bad thing yet.  They won't work for skirmish gaming, but for mass combat (Kings of War or Hordes of the Things or Dragon Rampant maybe) they will suffice.  Now I just need to get some bases for some generic formations (not blank index cards like in the pictures).

Steam-powered Roman soldiers?  Space Marines?  Sure...

Roman legionnaires

Roman bowmen.

Spartans?  Greek hoplites?
Egyptian Lich and undead crew.

Undead Egyptian tomb guards

Egyptian bowmen
Asian leader with some spearmen.

Ninjas and swordsmen.

Asian bowmen.

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