Saturday, December 12, 2015

Dungeon Saga has arrived!

The eagerly awaited kickstarter Dungeon Saga has arrived!

I received a hefty Carton A on my doorstep.  This contained the core game and all the extra kickstarter stretch-goal goodness.  All the add-ons that I had ordered separately came a couple weeks back, all glued and primed and ready for painting.  Now with the core game I have an all new pile of plastic primed and waiting for painting as well.  Should keep me busy for at least the next couple decades.

I really like the 'book box' design for the game.  Its creative, original, and aesthetically and thematically genius.

Here are the piles of plastic just from the core kickstarter.  All the undead are hanging out on the back left plate.  The Abyssal and Orc/Goblin kickstarter exclusives are on the back right plate.  The core villains, big undead trolls, and Valandor exclusives on the front right.  And all the heroes are to the front left.

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