Wednesday, December 30, 2015

More dungeon delving

Today my son and I dived into Dungeon Saga and then Wrath of Ashardalon.  He made it through the first two quests of Dungeon Saga and lost the third at the end, as I had drawn the last Overlord card.  For Wrath of Ashardalon we played the first adventure together and won without using a single Healing Surge (yes I know its supposed to be for solo).

End of the first quest of Dungeon Saga.  The heroes were barely scratched.

End of second quest of Dungeon Saga.  The heroes won without too much problem.

This was the setup of the third quest of Dungeon Saga.  Lots of undead and tiles.

Finally made it through the undead to open the first door and lots of zombies hanging in the new room.

End of the third quest of Dungeon Saga.  The wizard reached the final door, used Break Ward once (it needs a second to unlock), and then Overlord turn there were no more cards to draw.  So the Overlord won.  Muahaha!

This was Wrath of Ashardalon, reached the Tunnel Exit tile and defeated the Kobold boss.  My son played the rogue and I the cleric.  It really helped having the ability to heal each turn, when able to do so.  Encounters are so vicious.

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