Sunday, December 27, 2015

Space Hulk: Death Angel - card game

For Christmas I got Fantasy Flight Games' Space Hulk: Death Angel.  I've been reading great things about this game.  The fact that I can play it solo is a bonus.  So I had the time and opportunity to try a solo match today.

Set-up took a while.  I had the help of Universal Head game aid though I had to keep looking back to the actual rulebook occasionally.  Eventually I figured out the game flow.  Then I realized how bloody this game was.  I lost my first Space Marine in the first location.  Second location I took heavy casualties and by the third location I had two Marines remaining.

I like the game, it requires lots of tactical thinking and plays relatively quickly.  Set-up was my only issue, but I think after a couple plays I should be able to speed things up in that regard.  Definitely worth playing again.

EDIT:  A post without pictures???  What was I thinking?

Nice compact box, holds all the cards and tokens snug.

Since I did not take pictures of the solo demo game the other day I decided to do a brief layout for those who want to see the setup.  In theory, you "could" condense it all onto a 2 ft by 2 ft area.  I recommend a little more breathing room for all the cards you need.

Here were the three Space Marine teams I used for my inaugural game.  I was a bit disheartened when I lost one of the yellow team in the FIRST location (rolled a 0 for Genestealer attack).  Even scarier was when all but two survived the escape of the SECOND location (Teleport chamber).  It happened that every time I did not want to roll a 0 or die, I would roll a 0 (that's with the Genestealer attacks as well as activating the control panel to teleport out of the location).  Still eager to play it again despite the loss.

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