Monday, December 28, 2015

Wrath of Ashardalon - solo play - 12-28-15

Just finished my first solo game of Wrath of Ashardalon.  Not sure why, but lately my solo gaming has ended in defeat (see previous post about Space Hulk: Death Angel).  This game was no different.  Bad rolling for the hero, and great luck for the villains.  However, despite the loss, I'm looking forward to playing again.

Lots of cards and minis.  This will be fun!
Sentries are nasty, with the ability to reveal unexplored tiles and more monsters.  Right off the bat I was in trouble. 
I survived hordes of monsters and encounters, taking heavy damage.

And then this encounter drops just prior to the start of my next Hero Phase.  Last HP removed and first Healing Surge to be used for this game.

And my favorite sentries appear again which make more monsters appear such as more sentries.  Then an added bonus with the devils that come in packs of three.

A Wand of Fear gives me some breathing room from those devils.

Here the Cave Bear mauls me and I'm forced to use my second and last Healing Surge.

Here I am whittling away the monsters, hanging on by my fingertips.  A lucky Encounter lets me flip over my Dwarf ability to regain 4 HP.  I just might survive this.

Then an Encounter brings in another tile and monster.  This time our Dwarf Hero is overcome.

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