Sunday, June 5, 2016

Kings of War - Elves vs Orcs 2000 pts - in 6mm!

I pulled out the 6mm miniatures I got from Microworld Games ages ago and threw down a straight up kill scenario of Kings of War.
FRONT:  2 Flaggers, 1 Goblin Wiz.  SECOND ROW:  3 Troll Regiments, Goblin Rabble Horde, 3 Skulk Troops.  THIRD ROW:  2 Ax Regiments, 2 Greatax Regiments, 2 Morax Regiments.  BACK:  Giant

FRONT:  2 Army Standard Bearers, 2 Drakon Rider Lords.  SECOND ROW:  2 Kindred Gladestalker troops, 2 Kindred Tallspears Regiments.  THIRD ROW:  2 Drakon Rider Regiments, 1 Hunters of the Wild Regiment, 1 Kindred Archers Horde.  BACK:  2 Forest Shambler Regiments  

Elves on the left.

Orcs on the right.

No terrain :(  
All the Vanguard units advanced.

The Kindred Gladestalkers and Orc Skulks traded some arrows.

The Kindred Archer horde got a couple hits on the Goblin Rabble horde.

An Orc Skulk unit got 4 wounds on the Hunters of the Wild regiment, then rolled boxcars for the nerve, routing them.

One of the elf Army Standard Bearers took heavy fire from the Goblin Wiz and Orc Skulks.  The Giant and Kindred Tallspears would battle throughout the day.  An Orc Ax Regiment and Kindred Tallspears traded blows up top.

The Kindred Archers put 12 wounds on the Goblin Rabble horde after a couple turns, then rolled boxcars, routing them as well.

Forest Shamblers charge in as the Drakon Riders aim for the backfield.

Neither Forest Shambler regiments would survive their encounters.

The Drakon Rider Lords would lead daring flank assaults, one against a Greatax Regiment and the other on an Ax Regiment. 

The Elves' right flank was collapsing, only the Kindred Gladestalker troop remained.

That same Kindred Gladestalker troop was able to rout a Morax Regiment.  The Drakon Riders and Lords would continue to play havoc by flying over enemies to charge into others.

The end of the game, the Orcs were dominating.  Only the Kindred Archer horde, a Kindred Gladestalker Troop, and both Drakon Rider Lords and Army Standard Bearers remained.
This was an enjoyable game, with a couple surprising turn of events with some lucky and unlucky Nerve rolls.  The Orc Skulks and the Kindred Gladestalkers were stars of this game, proving that numbers don't matter in a big game like this, shooting their worth of points and more.  The Giant is a beast as expected.  The Drakon Riders/Lords were neat, being able to pinball their way thru the backfield.  A Morax regiment puts out an insane amount of dice.  The Forest Shamblers were a bit disappointing, I guess they are more for supporting main troops than leading a charge.  Trolls are kinda nifty as well being able to regenerate.

Its nice being able to fit large armies on a small table and to carry them all in a little storage container.  I really need to get around to finish painting these teeny tiny guys.  I've noticed that you need bright colors to make them stand out, so that might be on a future agenda.  I found the Kings of War rules to be perfectly suited for 6mm, just swap inches with centimeters.  I used the tiny dice I got from the Arcane Legions box for wounds and to indicate wavering results.  Works perfect.

Now I just need more troop types; cavalry, war engines, other races, etc.  But need to paint first, keep getting distracted with more purchases.

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