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Axe and Brimstone - Scenario 4 - Burn the Demon Worshipper!

Halflings are putting on trial one of their own, who may or may not be a demon worshipper.  The individual had been a trapper who helped to guide the Halflings to a desecrated Standing Stone, but that led to disaster (see the Scenario 3 battle report).  The Halflings now suspect that trapper to have guided them to an ambush by the Possessed.  Regardless, a band of the Possessed seeks to intervene on the trial in the Halfling village and to drag away the suspected demon worshipper, to either join their band or to join their collection of sacrifices.

Halflings:  Two Archers (Q4+ C2, Good Shot, Short Bow), two Militiamen (Q4+ C2, Block, Heavily Armored), Fungus Paladin (Q3+ C4, Block, Heavily Armored, Holy), Hound Rider (Q3+ C3, Heavily Armored, Long Move, Mounted, Powerful Jaws), Dwarf Demonslayer (Q3+ C4, Axe and Sword Technique, Demonslayer, Rare, Short Move), Panther Pelter (Q3+ C4, Gift of the Panther, Hammering Blow, Rare, Short Move), and Chieftain (Q3+ C3, Block, Elven Plate Armor).  To the side is the Trapper, the suspect demon worshipper.

A gallows was built to hold the trial.  The Chieftain stands as judge and executioner as the remaining Halflings and guests watch.  The Fungus Paladin is new to the village, but his holy presence senses demons nearby and he is always ready to defend the innocent.

Possessed:  Priestess on Helldisc (Q3+ C3, Diabolic Charisma, Helldisc, Skull Battleaxe), Possessed Champion (Q3+ C4, Combat Master, Demonic Armor, Runesword, Short Move), Veteran Hellchain Fanatic (Q3+ C4, Ball-and-Chain, Opportunistic, Steadfast), two Screaming Face Axemen (Q3+ C4, Heavily Armored, Short Move, Vorpal Sword), Heavy Infantry with Paincarver (Q3+ C3, Heavily Armored, Paincarver, Short Move), Hellfire Fusilier (Q3+ C2, Hellfire Arquebus, Short Move), and their newest ally Dolmen Rock Thrower (Q4+ C3, Body of Stone, Throw Rock, Good Shot, Stoneslumber).

The gallows and trial are in the center of the village.  The Possessed have split into three teams to hopefully spread out the Halfling defenders.

The Possessed move in.

The Hound Rider rushes the Priestess on Helldisc as the Dwarf Demonslayer takes on the Paincarver.  The Halfling Chieftain begins his interrogation of the suspect Trapper.

More combatants come into play.

The Hellfire Fusilier takes aim at the Fungus Paladin, pulls the trigger, and his Hellfire Arquebus explodes in his hands.  Luckily it did not kill him instead.  The Chieftain's heavy-handed interrogation causes the Trapper to pass out, he must be revived to continue the process.

The Possessed are closing in.

The Chieftain has succeeded!  The Trapper is....INNOCENT!  He is not a demon worshipper!

But whats this?  The Priestess on Helldisc glides onto the gallows and knocks the Chieftain away.  Her only concern is to drag that suspected Trapper away, no matter if he is innocent or not.

The battle to save the innocent bound Trapper has begun.

The Possessed Champion killed the Hound Rider and the Veteran Hellchain Fanatic smashed the pink-garbed Archer as the Priestess grabs up the prisoner.

The Fungus Paladin plows into the Hellchain Fanatic.

The Priestess on Helldisc drags away the Trapper but the Dwarf Demonslayer pursues.  The lavender Archer takes aim and shoots the Priestess off of her Helldisc.

The Demonslayer capitalizes on the downed foe to kill her quick.

The Possessed rally in a hurry.  Seeing their Priestess dead and their objective on the ground, the Possessed Champion and a Screaming Face Axeman confront the Dwarf Demonslayer.

The Paincarver causes excruciating pain on a Halfling Militiaman, who drops his shield as he falls prone.  The other Militiaman tries to help the outnumbered Demonslayer.

The Demonslayer continues to fend off the two Possessed warriors.

The Panther Pelter is struggling with the other Screaming Face Axeman and knows she is needed to defend her dwarven comrade.

The Panther Pelter is able to recoil back and run towards the Demonslayer.

But alas, the Screaming Face Axeman and Paincarver box in the Panther Pelter.

The Fungus Paladin also tries to break away from his foes, but the Hellchain Fanatic proves to be quite meddlesome.

Then it happens, the Possessed Champion and Screaming Face Axeman cut down the Dwarf Demonslayer.

Saddened deeply, the Panther Pelter stumbles and she is cut down as well.

The death of the Panther Pelter drops the Halflings to half strength and many flee.  A Screaming Face Axeman picks up the Trapper and begins to drag him away.

But with incredible courage, the Halflings charge back.  A Halfling Militiaman catches up with the slower Screaming Face Axeman dragging the Trapper but he himself is knocked down.  In the subsequent turn that same Halfling Militiman is Gruesomely Killed, causing the Halfling Archer to run away completely and the others to fall back further.  This allowed the Possessed to drag away the prisoner unopposed.

The Priestess on Helldisc was the only Possessed casualty, but she will recover.  The Possessed now learn the Trapper is an innocent, so that adds to their collection of sacrifices to a grand total of EIGHT.  For their campaign advance, the Dolmen Rock Thrower is upgraded to a Q3+ (thank goodness).

The Fungus Paladin and a Halfling Militiaman survived, as did a Halfling Archer who had run away.  The other Militiaman was Gruesomely Killed, so is permanently removed (but they are a dime a dozen for the Halflings).  The Hound Rider, Dwarf Demonslayer, and Panther Pelter all are injured and will suffer -1 Q next game.  The other Archer and the Chieftain will miss the next game entirely.  But considering the next game is the final scenario, all the injured characters are not Personalities and have no upgrades so they can be replaced with the same models.
Scenario 5 was a slugfest for me.  The equal combat between the Possessed dwarves and the Fungus Paladin and two good dwarves made a teeter-totter effect, with lots of recoils and knocking prone, but with out any kills, which let the Halflings stick around a bit longer this time.

The Dwarf Demonslayer and Panther Pelter were beasts, each holding off two Possessed at a time during the course of the game.  The Priestess on Helldisc was neat, able to fly and do long moves is impressive, especially with a weapon that ignores blocks and heavy armor.

Now the Possessed have EIGHT sacrifices and the final scenario is just around the corner.  Will the Possessed summon their dark lord?  Or will the Halflings finally win a scenario, especially since its the last one and the most important one?  I still think my dice are evil...

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