Saturday, May 30, 2015

Song of Blades and Heroes / Fightin' Fungi - King of the Temple - 5/30/15

Two warbands meet to take back an ancient temple.  If a force can maintain control of the temple uncontested for 3 rounds, they will be victorious.  

The Gnome Pyromancer was able to summon a Wall of Fire, forcing the Ogres to move back to avoid the flames.  But in an amazing display of archery, a lone goblin took an aimed shot right through the Gnome's eye socket.

The Dwarf Lord and his Champion finish off the goblins and Ogre warrior, creating a gruesome kill that even the Ogre Warchief had to move away in momentary panic.
A gruesome kill of an orc causing more fear.

After multiple turn-overs by the Dwarf Ranger, he finally arrives....

The Ogre Warchief stomps the Dwarf Ranger as the Dwarf Lord and his Champion fight a retreat up the stairs to the temple.

Dwarf Lord of the Frostbeard Clan and the valiant bear Thunderclaw are the last remnants of the Dwarf warband.
The Troll is slain finally, as it was able to regenerate miraculously from multiple attacks.
The inevitable, Ogre Warchief Kragg versus Dwarf Lord Frostbeard....
The Ogre Warchief, covered in blood from wounds, stands uncontested at the summit of the temple.  The Dwarf Lord has fallen and the warband destroyed utterly.

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