Saturday, May 30, 2015

Song of Blades and Heroes / Fightin' Fungi - Dwarf Warband

While eagerly awaiting the Fightin' Fungi Kickstarter to ship off in the next month or so, I dived back into the final iteration of the rules for another battle.  I'll post the warbands then the gameplay.

Dwarf Lord Morgran Frostbeard
Q2 C4 - Heavy Armor, Heavy Weapon, Leader, Magic Block, Short Move

Dwarf Champion Thoradin Frostbeard
Q3 C4 - Heavy Armor, Heavy Weapon, Short Move
Gnome Pyromancer Dimble Nim Timbers
Q3 C1 - Spellcaster, Short Move, Spell: Fireball, Spell: Wall of Fire
Dwarf Knight Adrik Frostbeard
Q3 C4 - Block, Heavy Armor, Short Move
Dwarf Ranger Baern Brawnanvil
Q4 C3 - Forester, Crossbow, Short Move
Baern and his companion Thunderclaw
Q4 C4 - Animal, Forester, Fearless
Dwarf Seaguard Darrak Strakeln
Q4 C3 - Amphibious, Pistol (Crossbow), Short Move
Dwarf Warrior Traubon Dankil
Q4 C3 - Heavy Armor, Short Move
Dwarves from the Frostbeard Clan of the Stormsnow Mountains

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