Friday, February 12, 2016

Table Titans Kickstarter

I pledged for the Table Titans Kickstarter a looooong time ago.  It was to be just a hardback book of the collected Table Titans webcomic.  But then some stretch goals were added to make it more special.  I received it a couple weeks back, just never got around to take pictures, until now!

Signed by Mr. Scott Kurtz himself.

Nice art print.

Another nice art print.

The book itself, very nice.  Top notch production.

This flimsy paper cover holds the true gem, a Game Master's Screen.

The art side of the Game Master's Screen.  Very sweet!  Also first time using panoramic picture-taking with my new Iphone, it works for the most part I hope.
The inside of the Game Master's Screen has a lot of random tables, mostly whimsical and comical.  Awesome!

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