Friday, February 12, 2016

Of Gods and Mortals - assembling in progress

I have been slack with my tabletop gaming hobbies.  REALLY slack.  Anyways, I finally decided what to do with the 100+ minis I got with the Arcane Legions game.  I based them all, using the footprint of 10 figures to a base that is 125mm x 50mm, and single figures on a 25mm x 25mm base.  The purpose is to obviously allow easy transportation of these smaller miniatures in block formations, aimed at games such as Kings of War and Of Gods and Mortals.  I went cheap, using cardboard and hot glue.  Hopefully after painting and flocking they'll look tabletop presentable enough.

Although this design is more strongly suited towards Kings of War, my ultimate goal is to have large-scale battles using Of Gods and Mortals and Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes.  I would increase allowable unit sizes to 10 and increase how much Legends and Gods count in outnumbering.  Instead of model removal as casualties, I would use dice to represent losses.  And instead of Invocations and Gods, use that category for monsters and heroes.

Here are some Greek Hoplite type warriors and archers along with a Reaper Bones Cloud Giant that looks like a Greek Goddess or just use as a giant.

In this picture are Roman spearmen and hero and Minotaur.

Some Undead soldiers, ancient bowmen, Pharoah Lich, mummies, and skeleton monster.

Some ancient Asian spearmen, bowmen, swordsmen, ninja hero, and samurai hero.


  1. I'm intrigued! Having never played Of Gods and Mortals, but very familiar with ASOBH, I'm interested how this plays out - especially as ASOBH is not element based and most definitely character based small skirmish. You've got my interest!

    1. I have not played Of Gods and Mortals yet either, but from what I'm reading there shouldn't be too much of a stretch to use the rules for what I have planned.