Monday, January 18, 2016

WIP - Dungeon Saga add-ons

I have continued to paint up the plethora of miniatures acquired from the Dungeon Saga Kickstarter.  These all came from the various add-ons I purchased on top of the core game.

The Lesser Obsidian Golems from the Doom Guard booster pack.  These guys are big, larger than the Trolls.

Here are the Immortal Guard.  I might just use these guys and the Golems in conjunction with regular Dwarves.

The Dead Rising booster pack of Dwarf King's Hold, five Ironclad.

Also from Dead Rising booster pack, the two Shieldbreakers, a throwing mastiff, and a corpse.
Twelve Elf Spearmen from the Green Menace booster pack.

Six Elf Archers.

Two Elf hero types and a couple corpses.

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