Wednesday, January 13, 2016

WIP - Dungeon Saga / Kings of War Orcs and Goblins

I have slowly been working on the mound of miniatures I have accumulated over the past year.  I've reached a small milestone of sorts.  I have completed the base colors of all the Orcs and Goblins that I got with the Dungeon Saga kickstarter.  There is still more stuff needed to be done, basing and washes etc., but at least now I feel confident taking pictures of them while playing games.  They are officially ready for tabletop usage.

These guys were from the Dungeon Raiders add-on.  It includes 3 Trolls, a Mincer, a War Trombone, a Goblin Biggit, and a Goblin Wiz.  The little Orcling was from some random sprue.

These guys were from the Green Rage booster pack.  There is a Troll Champion, 3 Orcs (Morax, Greatax, Archer), 3 Goblins (2 Warriors, Archer), Mawbeast, and Orclings.

And these came from the add-on of Dwarf King's Hold called Green Menace.  There are 2 Orc Greatax and 6 Orc Ax.

Dungeon Saga Orclings came together on a stand.  The extra Orcling (I deem him an Orcling Hero/Champion) was from a sprue, which I believe came with the Green Menace Orcs.

The metal Goblin Biggit and Wiz were fun to paint.  I just wish I could paint better, very characterful models.

The War Trombone was interesting.  I like the gunner and loader models, even if they are just for decoration.

The Goblin and Orc archers will be great additions to my greenskin collection, I don't have many archers for them.

The Mincer is an odd contraption.  Its basically a steam-powered chariot with spikes and a large drill.  I wonder how I could stat this thing up for Song of Blades and Heroes.

Here is the Troll Champion and three Trolls.  I'm already making plans for these guys in a future skirmish game.

Now I wonder which group of miniatures I should focus on next.  Dwarves?  Abyssal Dwarves with their Obsidian Golems and Harpies?  Elves?  Undead?  Valandor Expansion?  Or perhaps back to Reaper Bones minis?  Or the newly acquired Alkemy stuff?  Or the load of Arcane Legions?  So many choices....

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