Monday, August 22, 2016

How to play Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes

Song of Blades and Heroes has been around for several years.  It was even nominated for the Origins Award for "Best Miniature Rules" back in 2008.  There have been many expansions and supplements for Song of Blades and Heroes (SoBH for short), even some third-party games that use the same or similar game engine; such as, Shadowsea, Of Gods and Mortals, and Song of Our Ancestors.  And recently the game has been updated into Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes, which adds even more spice to the mix.

A lot of forums have active threads about people playing SoBH or painting miniatures to use in SoBH.  But I was surprised at the lack of any videos about it online or the lack of any main-stream attention in general.  If you look at games like Kings of War and Frostgrave and Infinity, they've been around about half the time SoBH has and new battle reports pop up daily on Youtube or in forums about them.

In the several years since SoBH has been released, there has been only a small handful of videos out there, some of which are really old.  Well, its all about to change.  Ganesha Games has revealed a competition, which will lead up to their next Kickstarter called Axe and Brimstone.  The competition is to make a 15 min or less video explaining many of the basic rules of Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes and post it to Youtube before September 10th.  Well, I decided to give it a try.

Behold, a video tutorial of Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes!

Click the link below:

How to play Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes


  1. Excellent Jeff! Clearly explains the basic mechanics very well, without any clutter or waffle. Well done!