Sunday, July 31, 2016

Some "finished" sci-fi minis

I've been slowly finishing my mounds of miniatures.  They are far from being the masterworks found on most other sites, but they are 'tabletop' ready which is all that matters.  Then I can get back to playing again, games like In the Emperor's Name (ITEN).
Here are all the Sedition Wars Vanguard.  I went with a "Halo Master Chief" green theme, or perhaps a USAriadna from Infinity kinda.

Medic/Engineer, Heavy Gunner, Sniper, and Leader.

Grenade Launchers, Toxic Launchers, Heavy Plasma Gunners.

3 female troopers with helmets, 3 female troopers without helmets, and 5 male troopers.

Haqqislam Starter figures.  And then a converted Reaper Bones Chronoscope cowboy with a Mantic Corporation Trooper head, he kinda fits in.

The EM4 Troopers: three lasergunners, the sergeant with plasma pistol and power sword, and a shotgun trooper.

The heavily converted EM4 Gangers, now looking like mercenary psychos.  Lots of bits went into these guys, from Mantic and Games Workshop and Reaper Bones.

The EM4 Space Rangers, each from a different Clan.

Reaper Bones IMEF.  The middle girl was converted, gave her an assault rifle.

More Reaper Bones Chronoscope figures.

More Chronoscope conversions.  The right two were cowboys, now they are Space Elves.

Mantic Marauders.

Mantic Veermyn.

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