Friday, February 17, 2017

Double Tap - Grots vs Veer-myn

I had another opportunity to try out One Page Rules' Double Tap, which just got updated to version 1.1  (

This time the teams each were about 75 points and I used non-Infinity models.  As well, the battlefield is 4' x 4' with lots of terrain features.  I made up a 'capture and hold' scenario to be played out instead of a straight 'kill'em all' mission.
Left to right:  Skullcap, Ninja, Doc, Pirate, Buckethead, and Patch
The first team is made up of GW Grots.  Skullcap is Quality 3+, has a Pistol and Sword and the Leader ability.  Ninja is Quality 4+, has a Pistol and Sword and the Martial Arts trait.  Doc is Quality 4+, has a Pistol with Fire Rounds and the Doctor trait.  Pirate is Quality 4+, has a Carbine and the Marksman trait.  Buckethead and Patch are both Quality 4+ and have SMGs.  The total points is 75.5.

Left to right:  Progenitor Skitter, Progenitor Skiffe, Nightmare Bonegrinder, Night Crawlers Krikk and Krekk
The second team are Mantic Veer-myn.  Progenitor Skitter is Quality 3+, has a Pistol with Poison and the Leader trait.  Progenitor Skiffe is Quality 4+, has a Sniper Rifle with Poison.  Nightmare Bonegrinder is Quality 4+, has a Sword and Pistol with Poison and the Large and Veteran traits.  Night Crawlers Krikk and Krekk are Quality 4+ and have Pistols with Poison.  Total points are 76.

Pirate takes a commanding position from the second-floor doorway as the others assemble below.

Patch and Ninja are watching the left flank.

Krikk and Krekk are on the Veer-myn left flank.

The Progenitors and Nightmare are on the Veer-myn right.

The three crates are the scenario objectives.
The scenario requires a teams to capture and hold the most objectives by the end of the 4th round.  To capture the objective a unit must be within 2" without any enemy models contesting it.  If no objectives are captured or there is a tie, then the team that has slain the most points in models wins.

Krikk runs to the stairway to the landing pad, trying to keep hidden from sniping Grots.

Skitter advances on the central tower as Bonegrinder goes for the one on their right.

The Grots scamper their way forward.

Things are grim at this point.  Pirate and Skullcap are all that remain of the Grots.

Skiffe has proven how deadly sniping can be from his hidden position.  Bonegrinder is able to take and hold the right objective as Skitter prepares to climb the tower for the center objective.

Pirate is able to take out Progenitor Skitter.

With the last activation of the 4th round, the Grot Pirate guns down Bonegrinder.

With only Skullcap and Pirate remaining of the Grots and Skiffe of the Veer-myn, the Grots are the winners!
Recap:  The Veer-myn were aggressive running to the objectives, relying on the fact that the majority of the Grots had short range weaponry.  But they did not count on a sharpshooter on the Grot team.  Pirate proved to be the star of this game.  As the Night Crawlers ran for the launch pad, Pirate gunned them down.  When Progenitor Skitter tried to cower behind the central tower objective, it was Pirate who killed him.  And when Bonegrinder was the only Veer-myn left on an objective, in the final seconds of the game, it was Pirate who murdered him in a hail of bullet fire and ensured a Grot victory.

Thoughts:  Playing on a 4'x4' battlefield is a challenge when the majority of your units have short range weapons and one team has a sniper rifle.  Although the Grots pulled out a win and that Pirate's Carbine with Marksman proved to be the deciding factor, it was Progenitor Skiffe's Sniper Rifle that kept the Veer-myn unafraid in advancing quickly.  Having a sniper rifle with a commanding view of the field, the reaction shooting of Skiffe took out many Grots and kept the survivors ducked down.

In this case I think it would have been better to reduce the field to 3'x3' in order to clutter in more terrain and break up firing lanes.  There were zero opportunities where either team could get close to being within melee range.  Part of this fault is due to what units were in each team, but I wanted to try something different out to see how Double Tap handles skewed situations.  I'm thinking of other variations of teams to try out next.

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