Sunday, February 12, 2017

Double Tap - Operation Icestorm - Panoceania vs Nomads

One Page Rules has redesigned itself, sharing some games that look familiar and bringing out one that had disappeared off its roster.  I'm talking about Double Tap:

Double Tap is a one page take on Corvus Belli's Infinity.  The core mechanics are the same as when I first tried the game out, but now the designer has added in some special traits and unit creation rules.
Ooh, shiny Operation: Icestorm.

So I pulled out Operation Icestorm, gave stats to the Panoceania and Nomads, and laid out the game mat and terrain like Mission 5: Take R&D.  The primary goal is to take and hold the central rooftop after 4 rounds and secondary goal is to kill enemy units.

The central building is the primary objective.  Panoceania will setup on the left and Nomads to the right.

Panoceania:  Akalis, Nisses, Orc Troop, Father Knight, and 3 Fusiliers.

Panoceania:  Akalis is Quality 4+, has a Carbine and Airborne Deployment.  Nisses is Quality 4+, has a Sniper Rifle, Mimetism (-1 to be shot at, made this one trait up), and Spotter.  Orc Troop is Quality 4+, has a Carbine and Armored.  Father Knight is Quality 3+, has a Knife, Armored, Martial Arts, and Leader.  The three Fusiliers are Quality 4+ and have Carbines.

Nomads:  Reverend Healer, Spektr, Grenzer, Mobile Brigada, and 3 Corregidor Alguaciles.
Nomads:  Reverend Healer is Quality 3+, has a Carbine, Doctor, Leader, and Mimetism (-1 to be shot at, made this one trait up).  Spektr is Quality 4+, has Carbine, Camouflage, and Infiltrate.  Grenzer is Quality 4+, has Sniper Rifle and Spotter.  Mobile Brigada is Quality 4+, has Carbine and Armored.  The three Alguaciles are Quality 4+ and have Carbines.

Here is the Nomads' deployment zone.

Here is the Panoceania's deployment zone.

Here is the Reverend Healer and the Father Knight locked in melee in the 4th round.  Panoceania has one Fusilier on the rooftop and no Nomads to contest it.  The Reverend Healer is the only Nomad in range.

The Reverend Healer is able to Dodge out of melee with the Father Knight and uses the last Activation Point to climb the ladder to the roof and to shoot at the Fusilier.  Unfortunately her shots missed.

Here are the survivors of both teams.  With the building contested, Panoceania still wins with more kills.

The Nomads were the first to get to the building as the Spektr stealthed his way up.  But soon found out the hard way that the sniping Nisses was not fooled by camouflage.  As the game progressed, more units found themselves gunned down as they peaked around corners, trying to make a run for the central building.  In the end; the Father Knight had made his way into the Nomads' side of the board, hacking down the Mobile Brigada and moving into melee with the Reverend Healer.  In a last ditch effort the Reverend Healer dodged out of melee with the Father Knight, climbed a ladder up the building and tried to gun down the lone Fusilier on the rooftop.  But her shots went wild.

The game played out like I thought it would.  Units moved up, trying to stay in cover, taking potshots from around corners and getting shot up along the way as they crossed lanes with enemies in line of sight.  Hugging cover is key to this game as your units WILL get shot at unless you are cowering behind buildings.

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