Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A PnP game - (Your Name Here) and the Argonauts

I like looking through boardgamegeek and checking out various geeklists.  In my latest foray I was perusing though some Print-and-Play geeklists and came across (Your Name Here) and the Argonauts (https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/128568/your-name-here-and-argonauts).  Its a free card game, requiring the 52 adventure cards and a six-sided die and a pencil/marker and some counters to represent your crew.

Essentially the game is you trying to survive through the deck of cards by allocating your crew members out to fight monsters and collect treasure, all with a Greek mythology theme.  If you make it through the deck with at least one remaining crew, you win....that round.  Yep, you get to level up the monsters you've beaten along with the treasure you've gathered as well as gain heroic deeds (more treasure, more crew, blessings, etc) so that you can dive right back into the deck to survive all the horrors again.

My first round I lost.  So I played a second, and won.  Some monsters and treasures were leveled up and I got another crew member and added a blessing, then played another round.  I won that one, leveled up and jumped in again.  And again, and again, and again.  I played TEN rounds, winning 5 and losing 5.  My daughter also joined the fun and tried it in "easy mode" (nothing leveled up).

The game is slightly addicting.  Just playing it once is meaningless.  When you start leveling up everything and adding more monsters/treasures/blessings, it gets harder and harder in a flash.  But don't get disheartened, you will still dive in for that next round despite losing three in a row because your Argonauts need a hero to lead them, even if you wind up sacrificing most of them to reach the end.

You don't need much to play.  Deck of their adventure cards, 6-sided die, the rules, and some tokens for the crew.  The cards also include your very own name tag.  Nifty!

Here was one of my most heartbreaking failed attempts.  I made it down to the last two cards of the deck but at that point had only one Argonaut remaining.  Treasures and monsters were getting too pricey to beat.
My daughter wanted to try the game in "easy mode" (no leveled up monsters or added cards)

In the end she hadn't lost a single Argonaut and was steamrolling through monsters.

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