Friday, January 20, 2017

Game night!

Finally, its board game night!

I was able to drag the kids in to play a couple games that I've been collecting for them to try.

First up is Fairy Tale in my Pocket (  Its a spinoff of Zombie in my Pocket, with a more kid-friendly theme.  I printed out the black-and-white version with the intention of letting the kids color the drawings, but I guess they were not interested.  We took turns playing and eventually even won the game first time up.  It has a nice theme and the game is simple enough for the children to pick up relatively quick.  The game was donated off to the 10 year old girl as she was more interested in playing it again.

Everything is neat and compact to fit in your pocket (so its not just a catchy name!)

Next is Dungeon Delver (  This is a single player card game for kids.  I saved some ink and printed off the cards in black-and-white to try it out.  This game is very straight forward.  Pick a character then start flipping cards to get through the 'dungeon'.  You get items and face lots of monsters, the gameplay is simple yet effective.  We decided to add a little competitiveness to it by adding the point values of the monsters we've killed in the end if surviving.  Needless to say, I got the least amount of points out of the kids.

All you need is the rulesheet, deck of cards, and some dice.  Portable and easy to play.

As the kids wandered off, I pulled out Space Hulk: Death Angel.  I had to brush up on the rules before diving back into the game.  Unfortunately, it does not matter how many times I read the rules, it never seems like I am able to find any clues on how best to play.  My tactics must really stink.

The end of the first match.  I made it to the last location at least.  I was down to only 3 Space Marines by the time I got there though.  With all the swarms and Brood Lords, I had no chance.

The second match was a little better.  Most of the Space Marines survived to the third location.  Unlucky Events led to their ultimate demise despite all efforts.

As well, I'm preparing a new Rogue Stars team.  I got a box of Warhammer 40,000 Gretchin which look perfect as a band of Mercenaries or Pirates.  I will try for the max of 6 figures.  It might be challenging considering none of them are wearing armor, so all the experience points will be from weapons and traits.  

From left to right:  Gunslinger, Doktor, Ninja, Leader, Rifleman, Doofy

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