Monday, January 2, 2017

Miniature conversions and bitz-mashing

After receiving my Mantic Crazy Box 2016, I wound up with some miniatures that needed to be spruced up for some sci-fi skirmishing.  As well, there were some left-over bits itching to be glued together to make something.

Here was a Dreadball guy that I turned into a heavy machine gun toting beast.  It kinda reminds me of a Warzone HMG Trencher (

This Veer-myn Dreadball player received some weapons from his kin, now he can spread joy with toxic fire.

The Forge Father Dreadball player now has a little pistol and a HUGE axe (from Kings of War Salamanders).  Size matters when your entire race is shorter than everyone else.

And the Orc Dreadball player now has some cobbled together mega-ray-death-gun, prepare for loving.

I was able to make 'something' out of the random Mantic Battlezone stuff.  Its an industrial platform with crane and a staircase.  Hopefully it holds together.

Last, but not least, is the Forge Fathers' fast attack hover craft!

You can see an excited Forge Father piloting this odd craft.  It kinda has an aircraft carrier deck.

This view you can see the magma cannon and the anti-gravity boosters on the bottom of the craft.

This side has the autocannon.  Nothing spreads cheer faster than thousands of rounds of bullets.

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