Sunday, October 8, 2017

Four Against Darkness - paperback and updates

I'm a big fan of Ganesha Games' Four Against Darkness.  I've played it quite a few times.  It even inspired me to write up my own adventure and submit it to the great Andrea Sfiligoi himself, who decided to publish it.  That title was Dark Waters.

Well, the Four Against Darkness books have just been added to Lulu and Createspace for paperback printing.  Andrea Sfiligoi was gracious enough to send me a copy of 4AD and Dark Waters.  And they are perfect!

The core Four Against Darkness book is 90 pages and includes some recent minor updates, which if you purchased in pdf form is also updated.  Dark Waters comes in at 30 pages.

Yay, my first game publication!  I feel special.

In other news, I joined the Tiny Dungeon 2e kickstarter.
I love the cover art by Michael Leavenworth!

Although I tend to use D&D 5e for all my RPG gaming, I was feeling inspired by Tiny Dungeon's simplicity and the micro-setting concepts.  Perhaps I will be writing another gaming publication in the near future, for Tiny Dungeon maybe.  Then again, Four Against Darkness is also calling my name.  Or something original?  I don't know.  I like having too many options and ideas than not enough.

ALSO, this is my FIRST blog post in many months.  Lots of changes at the house, rearranging rooms, and helping out some family members by letting them stay with us for awhile, maybe for an indefinite amount of time.  So I no longer have a gaming room.  All my tabletop gaming stuff has been packed up (miniatures, terrain, gaming mats, paints, etc.), for who knows how long.  But from now on I will be focusing on more board games and RPGs and writing/drawing if possible.  Here's to a new future of gaming!

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