Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Let Chaos Reign!

I've been steadily working on my RPG.  Its gone through a few iterations.  Its even got a new name:  Let Chaos Reign.  I believe its at a point for people to play, minus a bestiary.  However, it shouldn't take a GM long to create some generic monsters or NPCs, in fact I was hoping to use similar stat blocks from other OSR D&D games so that players could use their favorite adventure modules.

1 comment:

  1. This seems to be a great minimalist RPG, with mechanics similar to Scarlet Heroes (one of my favourite games). And no encumbrance rules to bother about which is a plus in my opinion. I especially like the options for race, background and Path which will allow the creation of very individual characters. The guidelines for advancement are also very flexible. I will do a tryout on Dan's Gaming Blog as soon as I've finished exploring Vorin's Labyrinth. I look forward to playing a Mushroom Man or something equally wacky.