Sunday, February 4, 2018

Maze Rats on family vacation!

Squeezed in a little session of Maze Rats while on family vacation. I love games where everything fits in one binder. This was their smiles during character creation. I didn't take pictures later on when their characters died one by one thanks to some random wilderness encounters.

Anyone have any relatively simple random hexcrawl rules they can share? I'm trying to invent my own using only d6 generated tables ala Maze Rats while using the Classic Dungeon Designer's Netbook #4 Old School Encounters Reference as a guide (

I'm looking for a West Marches' style hexcrawl but with random generation for each hex, so no one knows what lays on the horizon not even the GM. They start in a frontier town and then pick a direction and try to survive. If only Ben Milton could make some rules like that.....

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