Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Fightin' Fungi progress report - 8/4/15

I've slowly been working on the Fightin' Fungi miniatures, along with some terrain.  All of this is still very much a work-in-progress but I just wanted to show how far along things have come.

This is the Wizard's Tower, along with a Fungi Spellcaster.  For game purposes, I wanted to have a random teleport mechanic to enable characters to teleport across the map.  I have another terrain feature with a teleport platform.  As for creation; foam for the base, cardboard tube for tower, hot glue for spirals, and flocking.  Minimal painting so far.

This is to be a simple Watch Tower, with crenellated top for archers and some broken walls for cover around the tower.  Creation; cardboard tube, cardboard bits/base, son's plastic toy walls, sand, and rough painting.

Here we have a couple Fungi Archers and the Enoki Ranger.

The multi-option Fungus Infantry (going to convert into a Leader) is in charge of this Fungus Axeman, Oaken Spear, and a Slinger.  I think I might make the multi-option Fungus Infantry a cape to give him a more Leader-like quality.

Here is the Teleport Platform terrain piece, along with some of the more unsavory looking Fungus people, most likely from the Rotten Hearts faction.  

A Flying Eye Fungus, a Master of Mushrooms, and an Enoki Cleric look menacing enough.

The hungry looking Swamp Lion Fungus.

A forest terrain piece, defended by some friends of the woods.  The Mykityad Forest Nymph to the far left, Fungus Queen protected by a Matanagar bodyguard, and the Amazon Fungi.

The Fungus King is in strange company; with a Spore Monster Heavy Infantry to his right, a Puff Ball Launcher Spore Monster (with little Puff Ball) and a baby Sporeling. 

The truly terrifying Swamp Fungus has a friend in the Vampire Fungus.  

A couple more forest terrain pieces along with my cavalry.  I'm still waiting on a rider for another Worm Cavalry and a halfling-rider for another pig.

The Pillbug Heavy Cavalry and a Worm Rider.  I wish I had cavalry bases, but I'm not a big stickler on bases anyways.  These will work just fine.

And here are my two Grasshopper Cavalry, and Andrea Underfoot/Davey Snoutbottom.

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