Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Song of Tomorrow

On the backburner in my growing hobby interests is a sci-fi variant of SoBH.  I know Flying Lead and Mutants & Death Ray Guns is already out there, and that Andrea Sfiligoi is working on Harder Than Steel.  I want the basic SoBH (well the upcoming Advanced SoBH) rules, with some sci-fi weaponry.  Flying Lead went a little too complex in my opinion, and MDRG isn't quite what I had in mind, and Harder Than Steel (when it comes out) uses d10s while I would like to stick with the good ol' d6.  Just my personal tastes.

I've been inspired by the game Infinity by Corvus Belli and Tomorrow's War by Ambush Alley.  I want to get more sci-fi elements involved; like hacking, drones, etc.

But first, miniatures.  I have acquired the game Sedition Wars, by Studio McVey.  It was very inexpensive, which is great since the reviews on the game itself were not so stellar.  The miniatures, however, were nicely detailed and you get a decent amount.  I was more interested in the Vanguard units, but the Strain units will suffice as target practice (representing the Flood from Halo, or the Plague from Deadzone, etc.)

Here are some paper Infinity containers, with a paper building/walls I found somewhere on the net.  This is just a handful of the Vanguard minis from Sedition Wars.

Nice sniper model, with a tank drone, engineer, and heavy weapon specialist.

There is the leader, she has a pistol and sword.  

Bunch of troopers.
Next on the agenda I would like to get some of the Ariadna troops from Corvus Belli, some Enforcers from Mantic's Deadzone, and the scenery packs from Infinity.  It won't be a whole lot of options, but its a start.

At least I can start writing down stats for all these Vanguard.

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