Monday, August 17, 2015

Song of Tomorrow grows

The rules for Song of Tomorrow are slowly growing.  I'm attempting to make them as complete as I can, with an optional background story and factions and army rosters and whatever I feel like throwing in it.  To help with the playtesting of the weapons and new traits I have expanded my meager collection of sci-fi miniatures and terrain.  Now I just need to get more painting done....
First up is the Enforcers Faction Starter box from Mantic Games' Deadzone.  There are 10 Enforcers (1 Leader, 2 assault troops, 1 rocket launcher, 1 heavy weapon, 1 engineer, 1 sniper, and 3 troopers) and 2 gun drones/turrets. 

Next up is the Haqqislam Starter box and Hephaestus Scenery Pack from Corvus Belli's Infinity.  The Haqqislam Starter has 1 Leader, 1 sniper, 1 special weapon, and 3 troopers.  The scenery pack came with a battle mat, 4 buildings, and 6 container boxes.

Mantic's Enforcers were made of a hard plastic.  The models were nicely detailed, though they had lots of flash.  Assembly was not too bad, except for attaching the two arms and gun to the troopers.  Great quality for the price.

I'm a big fan of the Infinity models; the details and artistic style is fantastic.  Then I had to assemble them.  While I really appreciate the amount of detail each one has and the character put into each model, I would have been happier if there were less pieces needed to be put together.  The supporting arms for weapons were really fiddly to deal with.  Still, the quality is phenomenal, if a bit pricey.

Here is the scenery pack laid out, along with the Enforcers and Haqqislam guys.  It makes a decent size battle area and will help with playtesting Song of Tomorrow.  It will let me make higher terrain features, choke-points, fire lanes, cover, Overwatch scenarios, etc.

The assembly was super quick and easy.  Its all light-weight cardboard boxes (like cereal boxes), with nice futuristic imagery.  The battle-mat (glossy poster) helps to enhance the futuristic look.  The quality for the price, even if just cardboard and a poster, is a great deal for small skirmish games like I have in mind.

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