Saturday, April 16, 2016

Four Against Darkness (4AD) - first play

In my first game I made an adventuring party using the classic group of Warrior, Rogue, Cleric, and Wizard.

There is Kord the Warrior, Simkin the Rogue, Cuthbert the Cleric, and Mordenkainen the Wizard.

Lots of paper.

The random dungeon generation went really awkwardly for this session.

  1. Entrance
  2. Went East, completely empty
  3. Went East, Special Event.  Ghost!  Injured Rogue and Wizard
  4. Went back West then South, Treasure.  Magic Item:  Fool's Gold
  5. Back to the Entrance then West.  Empty completely 
  6. Westernmost room, Vermin.  2 Vampire Frogs.  Got a gem worth 50 gp
  7. North, Vermin.  8 Rats.  Wizard's Fireball handled most of them.
  8. North, Special Feature.  Cursed Altar.  Cleric Blessing takes care of that.
  9. North, Special Feature.  Fountain.  Everyone healed back up.
  10. North, completely empty (Again!  Bad Search rolls).  
  11. East, FINAL BOSS.  Chaos Lord (no powers).  With Wizard's Lightning Bolt and great rolling (for combat at least), the adventurers succeed.  They get a Magic Bow (for the Rogue), Ring of Teleportation (sold), and 120 gp.  The Wizard levels up. 
  12. They head back out of the dungeon with ZERO wandering monsters.  Easiest dungeon I've ever dealt with in ANY game EVER.
This was a very odd session.  The dungeon was mostly linear, and I had to fit some of the rooms to the paper.  But for my first game I was still learning game mechanics and such, so a simple beginning eased me into things before a proper dungeon delving.

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