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Adventuring in 4AD - barbarian, dwarf, elf, halfling

In the town of Silverpines, the local mayor is seeking brave heroes.  A dungeon exists nearby where dangerous monsters lurk, with the treasures they have stolen.  If the heroes can clear the monsters from their underground domain they may keep the treasures they recover.

Answering the call are four adventurers.  Ulrik is a barbarian from the Ten Bear Tribe, wielding a two-handed warhammer and wearing hide armor and furs (light armor).  Vondal Frostheim is a heavily armored dwarf warrior using a two-handed axe.  Sariel Moonpetal is an elf; she carries a bow and sword but keeps a fireball spell prepared.  Cailie Reedgage is a Halfling, she bears the important lantern and uses a sling and light mace.

Our heroes by the end of the adventure.

The map of the dungeon by the end of the adventure.
  1. The heroes find the entrance to the dungeon.  A rank musty odor emanates from further in.  The entrance branches to the west and east.  They take the eastern path to a simple door with rusted hinges.
  2. The first room they enter, the heroes surprise four orcs gnawing on bones.  Sariel the elf’s bow drops an orc quickly as Ulrik the barbarian and Vondal the dwarf wade into combat, felling two greenskins.  One orc drops his weapon and flees the room.  The adventurers find 6 gold on the corpses before they head north to another door.  (Minions)
  3. Behind the door they find a long twisting corridor that appears empty.  Sariel’s keen senses detect a loose stone on the floor.  As she moved the stone a trap was triggered, but she dodged the sprung poisoned needle.  Underneath the stone they find a cache of 224 gold.  (Search, Hidden Treasure, Trapped)
  4. Following the corridor around and to the north, they reach a small room with another door.  As they cross the threshold into the room a giant stone block falls on Cailie the Halfling.  With lucky reflexes she avoids the dangerous trap.  (Special Event, Trap, Giant Stone Block, Halfling Luck re-roll to escape) 
  5. They move into a small narrow corridor with a door to the east.  But then a bellowing and stomping behemoth plows into the group from behind.  A massive ogre has found them!  His giant club slams Cailie and Sariel.  The heroes recover, desperately trying to slay the monster, striking where they can.  Cailie ducked the ogre’s wild swings, climbed his back and buried her mace into the beast’s face.  The ogre toppled.  The Halfling felt invigorated from the battle, despite being wounded.  Cailie and Sariel took a moment to apply bandages to their wounds.  (Empty, Search, Wandering Monster, Boss, Halfling exploding 6 attack, Halfling level up)
  6. They enter a large room with a door to the north and south.  In the center of the room on a rickety table was a pile of jewelry.  Vondal the dwarf gathered the precious jewelry; appraising them as they went into his pouch, smiling as he valued them to be worth 120 gold.  Ulrik kicks the door to the south open.  (Treasure, Jewelry)
  7. Down a corridor they move, into a room with another door to the south.  But this room is occupied.  Seven fungi folk, their caps and limbs rotten and moldy, are standing over a human corpse.  A pungent odor of their toxic spores fills the room.  Sariel’s sling accounts for one of the strange creatures as does Cailie’s bow before the fungi attack back.  The Halfling and elf are hit in return, but luckily the poisonous attacks take no effect.  Vondal and Ulrik are able to hack down three more.  The last two fungi folk flee.  The dwarf searched the corpse, finding gems easily worth 50 gold.  Ulrik chooses the door to the south again, knocking it open.  (Minions)
  8. The group finds a narrow short corridor, with a path to the east and a door south.  Taking a moment they search the small area, but uncover nothing.  Ulrik hammers aside the door to the south.  (Empty, Search empty)
  9. This room is filled with webs, but they see a door on the southern wall.  As they try to hack their way through the thick sticky strands, a large bloated body falls upon them.  It’s a giant spider!  Cailie is able to get a sling shot on the beast before it lands.  It bites Ulrik, but his constitution is too strong to be affected by poison.  Then it stings the Halfling, who also shrugs off the venomous attack.  Vondal and Ulrik respond, defeating the giant spider with their heavy weapons.  Sariel searches the room, finding a magical scroll with a Lightning Bolt spell and some gems, which the dwarf appraises to be worth 55 gold.  The elf is feeling more confident in their journey; she pushes open the door to the south.  (Special Event, Wandering Monster, Weird Monster, Elf level up)
  10. A narrow corridor ends in a room, occupied by three trolls!  The heroes attack.  Only Vondal is able to defeat one.  But to his surprise the troll regenerates, standing back up.  They were going to need some luck in this battle if they were hoping to survive.  Sariel the elf drew her sword, and in a brief moment she was touched by the Goddess of War.  With dazzling unparalleled skill she cut down the three trolls with contemptuous fury, a righteous blade dancer.  Vondal used his axe to hack the troll corpses into pieces to prevent them regenerating.  Amongst the carnage they found gems valued at 35 gold.  (Minions, Elf rolled THREE 6’s consecutively)

Although the barbarian and dwarf were relatively unharmed, the elf and Halfling were wounded.  The group decided to escape the dungeon, back through the rooms and corridors they had fought and bled through.  Luck was with them once again, as no monsters appeared to contest their flight. 

There would always be another time to brave the dungeons below, to slay monsters and gather treasure.  But they had jewelry and gems and gold to spend, and a tale to tell.  

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