Saturday, April 16, 2016

Four Against Darkness (4AD) - second session

The same intrepid heroes were sent to investigate another dungeon.

This is the adventuring group by the end of this session.  Kord the Warrior is Level 2 with a Magic Hand Weapon and Shield of Warning.  Simkin the Rogue is Level 2 with a Magic Bow.  Cuthbert the Cleric is a Level 3.  Mordnekainen the Wizard is a Level 3 with three Fireball spells, Sleep, and Lightning Bolt.
This is the dungeon at game end.

Combined with last game session these are all the monsters the heroes have slain.
Game Highlights

  1.  A total of 5 Bosses were slain, including the Final Boss and couple wandering ones (Mummy, Orc Brute, Ogre, Mummy, and final was a Medusa)
  2.  Found Hidden Treasure that was Trapped worth 176 gp
  3.  6 different Minions/Vermin types were defeated (rats, goblins, vampire frogs, skeletons, skeletal rats, goblin swamlings)
  4.  Defeated a Weird Monster, a Minotaur
  5.  Found a Blessed Temple, a Statue that awakened and attacked, a Wandering Healer, the Lady in White with a Quest (which I completed to get a Shield of Warning)
  6.  Found a Secret Door and rolled a 6, so a convenient Safe Shortcut out of the dungeon, right next door to the Final Boss (yay!)
This session was more enjoyable, lots of stuff going on.  With 5 Bosses and a Weird Monster I thought I would have been soundly beaten somewhere along the journey, but I guess luck was with the heroes this time around.  Having a Cleric and Wizard on the team seems practically mandatory from what I've seen so far.  Although the Warrior is obviously the perfect front-line candidate, I like having the Rogue up front as well for the possible Traps that might appear and his Defense is capable enough against most attacks.