Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dawn of the Song of Blades and Heroes

The kids and I really enjoy Ganesha Games' Song of Blades and Heroes.  It started after I bought a bundle of Reaper Bones miniatures, from which we made some warbands.  We played a mini-campaign to try the rules out; just me, the eldest daughter, and son.  Lots of fun and left them craving for more.  So naturally I'm awaiting the Reaper Bones 2 Kickstarter to augment our current selection of miniatures.  Gotta have room for growth in SoBH campaigns.  Old guys die so new ones can sign up for glory.

The eldest daughter chose the 'good guys'.  Composed of a lady giant, big tree guy, a unicorn, knight, wizard, couple elves, and couple dwarves, her warband is just an odd assortment of abilities and has a unique personality.

I chose the 'dark dwellers'.  I've got an ogre warboss, ogre warrior, troll, some orc and goblin warriors, and couple goblin archers.  I've been showing the kids the importance of group activations, using the ogre warboss to move clusters of orcs and goblins around, which helps as they die all too frequently unless they can swarm a target.

My son had the undead.  He has the necromancer, a powerful lich/pharoah, skeleton knight, some skeleton warriors, mummy warriors, and skeleton archers.  He is definitely loving his undead, with plans to take all the undead in the Reaper Bones 2 Kickstarter to rebuild his warband.  I think he got hooked from one of our early matches, he was able to kill his sister's Unicorn, then resurrect it to serve his necromancer.

As well, I'm waiting on the Wrath of Kings Kickstarter to arrive.  I've got the Goritsi and Hadross armies coming.  So lots of vampires, werewolves, and squid peoples.  Fun themes for warbands.

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