Friday, January 23, 2015

Wrath of Kings

Today I received my Wrath of Kings Kickstarter.  Funded September of 2013, and now in my possession January of 2015.  Seems like a ridiculously long time to wait, but I've learned to NEVER rely on delivery estimates when it comes to Kickstarters.  But, its here, and looks amazing!  

My order consisted of the King pledge level.  So I got the Hadross Starter Set, the Goritsi Starter Set, hardback rulebook, "Iron Eyes" exclusive mini, and a dice bag.  And I checked, everything is in their respective boxes!  Yay!

Hopefully no weapons, arms, bits, etc. are missing, as its going to be awhile before I am done putting everything together.  There is a slight issue that I am facing.  Nothing too major.  All the bases included have recessed centers, which was designed to allow special sculpted inserts to be placed in them.  Unfortunately, I did not order those inserts, nor did I anticipate needing them.  

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