Monday, February 23, 2015

Fightin' Fungi - Spell Walls

After looking through the Spell list for Fightin' Fungi, I wanted to outfit some spellcasters with something new and unique.  Then I saw the Walls.  To be honest, I originally skimmed through the Spells when I first downloaded the playtest rules and Walls never really caught my attention.

But now, the idea of making some thematic walls seemed entertaining.  It got my hamster-wheels spinning and light bulbs came on.  Time to make stuff...

Here are the three walls I've made so far.  I'm not expecting trophies for ingenuity or execution, but at least I'll have something to use on the tabletop.

First up is the Wall of Fire.  The wall is styrofoam, then coated with wood filler, and semi-shaped into lava/fire type-ish texture and glued on cardboard.  

Next is the Wall of Ice.  The wall is also styrofoam on cardboard.  After a brief dry-brush painting it was coated with a sparkly Mod Podge gloss coat.  

Lastly is the Wall of Water.  This styrofoam wall was coated in wood filler that was sorta kinda shaped into waves.  Its thicker and heavier than the other walls, but oh well, got carried away with wood filler.

Currently drying is a Wall of Wood and a Wall of Worms.  The Wall of Wood I used 'tree trunk/logs' made of paper towel sheets rolled and glued haphazardly to a styrofoam wall.  The Wall of Worms is a styrofoam wall coated in lots of glue and lots of white rice and coated with more glue.  These walls are going to be drying for a while before painting.


  1. Great walls, Jeff. Was planning to use some new spells in my next game of "SoFF" and was thinking about how to represent them. Was going to go the easy printout route just now, but your pieces are the idea done properly, which I'll aspire to in the future :)

  2. Thanks, Sam! If you have styrofoam, cardboard, and glue, you can make anything! And probably do a better job than me too. If you do, take some pics!

  3. Very cool! I might have to swipe your idea. Simple yet very effective, well done. :)

  4. Thanks, Scott! By all means, if my ideas inspire you then swipe away.