Thursday, September 24, 2015

Grimdark Racing on the horizon

As I scour the web for more interesting tabletop gaming rules, I came across the fantastic series of One Page Rules (  I've since downloaded all of them with every intention of trying some of them out in the near future.  I've already given the playtest of Double Tap a try (

Another One Page Rules I'm eyeing is called Grimdark Racing (  I know the cover looks to be aiming for Gorkamorka fans, but in reality its gameplay is more like Mario Kart.  Naturally I turn to my kids and say, "Do you have any Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars?"

Look for a game review to appear very soon.

Love one page rules!  And here are some sample racers, including a favorite from the Ghostbusters.


  1. There are some fun rules here, Jeff! If you like the Grimdark Racing I can also suggest checking out 'Spin-Out',( a Star Wars style pod racing game over at The Armchair General site.