Monday, September 14, 2015

One Page Rules - Double Tap playtest - 9/14/15

I came across One Page Rules many months ago.  Never tried any of their rules out...until now!  In my hunt for a simplified version of Infinity I tried a playtest copy of One Page Rules' Double Tap (  Its free, so I grabbed a copy and dived right in.

Gotta love rules that fit on one page.

Here is the 'battlefield'.  I like how quick and easy it is to set up and break down later.

Here are the Infinity Haqqislam minis.  They are in a state of undress, more painting still needed.  But I have a Hero (Knife/SMG), Sniper, 3 Rifle troops, and a Shotgun troop (its a flamethrower but option not available currently).

Here are the Sedition Wars troops.  There is a Hero (pistol/knife), HMG troop, Sniper, and 3 Rifle troops.

Sedition Wars set-up.  Sniper in a key location, with HMG troop about to fill the alleyway.

Haqqislam's Sniper is ready on the rooftop as the Hero and Shotgun (flamethrower) prepare a sprint to the enemy's side of the battlefield.

Haqqislam advance!

HMG wipes out the Sniper.

Near the end, a lone Sedition trooper takes on the Haqqislam Hero and Shotgun troop.  Lucky rolls and the Sedition troop is the clear victor.

The Sedition Sniper got two confirmed kills this match.

These two gunners traded bullets throughout the game.  Eventually the Sedition trooper prevailed.
Double Tap has some potential.  I have some questions I'll be posting up on the One Page Rules forum (  I'm hoping they'll flesh this ruleset out some more; special rules, upgrades, weapons, etc.  All in all I like what they have done with Double Tap.


  1. Some at my local club have been playing Infinity recently, so I've forwarded this blog post. Thanks Jeff.