Saturday, January 2, 2016

Space Hulk: Death Angel - solo 1/2/15

Six Space Marines, armed with the best weaponry known to the Imperium of Man and bolstered by the faith of the Emperor, infiltrate a drifting space hulk.  They would soon encounter an infestation of genestealers, that xenos threat facing all of mankind.

The Space Marines enter the Void Lock, led by the legendary Lexicanium Calistarius.  With bolter fire and sound tactics, the Space Marines would defeat swarms of genestealers to escape the Void Lock and enter the Dark Catacombs.

The Dark Catacombs would reveal how infested the space hulk had become.

The Space Marines are swarmed by the xenos.  But with the Psionic Attack of Lexicanium Calistarius, a Flamer Attack by Brother Zael, and a Heroic Charge by Brother Claudio; the genestealers were reduced significantly.

Travelling to the Wrath of Baal Chapel, our Space Marines would be challenged once again.

An Artifact was discovered within the Wrath of Baal Chapel.

Our heroes continued their advance, reaching their final location; the Launch Control Room.

The swarms of genestealers were relentless.  Luck and decisive action held them at bay.

With an eye on the objective, Lexicanium Calistarius focused on activating the Launch Control Room.

The Space Marines were victorious!  Activating the Launch Control Room with very little chance of success seemed futile, but the result was a resounding triumph.

Thoughts:  This was my third attempt at playing this game.  My first two attempts had been overwhelmingly disastrous.  After reading opinions and strategies on Boardgamegeek, I took another crack at it.  This time I took a more careful approach in deciding actions for the Space Marines.  There is a lot of synergy between the various combat teams, which takes more than just picking Attack each turn.

I'm enjoying it more each time I play.  The level of tactical foresight needed to play is extremely thought-provoking.  And....I can play solo!  And with the different locations, combat team options, events, this game won't grow stale anytime soon.


  1. The only time I've indulged in the 40k world is, funnily enough, playing Space Hulk - the board game version. And I really enjoyed that. You've reminded me to dig it out of the Battleshed pile, it needs a good airing. I salute you for playing solo too; there's nothing worse than being beaten by yourself!

    have you tried any of the solitaire games from the likes of DVG? I did a review of one, Hornet leader: Carrier Air Operations.


    1. No sir, I have not tried games from DVG. I think I might have to dig around for a copy. Thanks for the suggestion!