Monday, May 23, 2016

Age of Sigmar - battle report

Since I now have Warhammer lizardmen, and the starter box conveniently included the rules for those units to be used in Age of Sigmar, and the main rules are free online, I said lets give it a whirl.

I gathered all those Seraphon (lizardmen), all of which have some paint on them (better than none), and decided to try a solo match.  The only other miniatures I have that could remotely come close to the amount needed to challenge the lizardmen were undead.  So looking through the Vampire Counts list, I used my undead to proxy.  

Off to the table we went.

Simple set-up rules.  I decided not to try the mysterious landscapes.  But did roll for terrain features for each 2 foot square area.  Nothing fancy.

Lizardmen to the left, undead to the right.
Saurus Cavalry, Jungle Swarm, Skink Priest on the southern edge.

Saurus Warriors hold the center, while a Saurus Oldblood is in the woods and the Saurus Oldblood on Carnosaur lurks behind.

Bunch of skeletons and a necromancer are on the southern edge.

Mob of zombies in the center.

Mortis Engine (Skeleton on Throne), Crypt Horrors (green ghoul things), and Vargheists (harpies) guard the northern side of the table.

Since the lizardmen were outnumbered, I chose the Sudden Death to be Seize Ground, choosing the terrain feature which the Mortis Engine and Crypt Horrors were behind.  The lizardmen general was the Saurus Oldblood on Carnosaur and the undead general was the Mortis Engine.  And the undead got the first turn.

All the undead ran up.  Not much else their turn.

The Saurus cavalry and jungle swarm were able to move and then charge the skeletons.

The Saurus warriors moved and then charged, keeping a long line to tie up most of the undead.  The plan was to hold the line until the Oldbloods could get involved.  Since I had no clue on this game or what units could do, it was a fatal mistake.

Saurus Cavalry are quite deadly in combat.

The Crypt Horrors and Mortis Engine are beasts, nearly wiping out all the Saurus Warriors their first melee.

Next round wasn't too much better, even though Lizardmen went first.  The Carnosaur stomped the Vargheists, the Oldblood got stuck in with the Crypt Horrors.  The Saurus Warriors were doomed by the Mortis Engine.

Saurus Cavalry were handling the skeleton warriors until the zombie mob piled in.

In the end the mighty Carnosaur was being attacked by the crypt horrors and Mortis Engine as the Saurus Cavalry was surrounded.  The game was looking grim for the lizardmen.
I stopped the match at this point.  The match was taking longer than I expected but I could see the outcome.  The crypt horrors were nasty, dealing loads of damage and even healing themselves each round.  The mortis engine had loads of attacks and lots of health.  The Carnosaur wasn't a slouch either, but he was being wounded faster than he could kill the undead.  The Saurus Cavalry were doing alright, but with all those zombies it was only a matter of time.  

The rules are fairly straight forward, nothing too difficult about how to play.  My concerns occurred when trying to remember all the different unit special abilities, and which spell or command ability is affecting who.  Playing solo is probably the main reason I had these issues and with so many models to start with, especially for my first time playing.  I'm sure if I was playing a live opponent and I only had one army to keep track of then things might have been smoother and quicker.

Overall, the game is decent.  Its easy and free, so no reason to at least read over it.  Not sure how often I'll try it out as I am limited on miniatures and it gets annoying to proxy models for specific type units.  

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