Sunday, May 29, 2016

One Page Fantasy Skirmish - Lizardmen vs. Orcs & Goblins - 300 points

I got a game in of One Page Rules' Fantasy Skirmish, found here:  One Page Fantasy Skirmish
Nice cover art, especially for free rules.
The armies were 300 points each, with my new GW Seraphon/Lizardmen and some proxy Mantic Games' Orcs & Goblins.  The mission was a standard 4 rounds battle to the death.
For the Lizardmen:  one Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur, three Cold One Riders, and four Saurus Warriors.

For the Greenskins:  one Goblin Boss (with Master Sword), one Goblin Shaman (Wizard 2), a unit of Orc Boyz, a unit of Orc Boyz (with Medium Swords), two Trolls, a Mincer (counts as a Pump Wagon with Spiky Roller), and a War-Trombone (12", A6, Ordnance, Tough 3)
A ruined town/city for the battlefield.

Lizardmen to the right, Greenskins to the left.

Lots of moving up by the end of the first round.  The Goblin Shaman managed to stun the far right Cold One Rider with Vindictive Glare.  A lot of shoving going on in the center.

The Troll at the top is preparing for a Cold One Rider and Saurus Warrior sneaking around behind the topmost building.  The War-Trombone is setting up a firing lane to cover the center.

Big swirling melee is occurring in the center still.  The Mincer slammed into that far right Cold One Rider, didn't hit with Impact or regular attacks, then the Cold One Rider returned charge and with the Predatory rule finished off the Mincer.

The Troll on the northern edge stunned both Cold One Rider and Saurus Warrior without suffering a single wound in return.  Armored and Regeneration are amazing.

The Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur shredded the Troll in the center as the Cold One Riders and Saurus Warriors finished off the Orc Boyz.  The War-Trombone was able to put a wound on the Carnosaur, but the Goblin Shaman failed a spell.

End of the third round, the Greenskins are obviously on the losing end of this conflict.

End of the fourth round, the Cold One Riders and Saurus Warriors finish off the remaining Orc Boyz, Goblin Boss, and War-Trombone.  The Carnosaur ate the Goblin Shaman.  Only a single Troll remains.  Game over.
I was a bit surprised at the outcome.  I was looking at all the potential attacks available to the Orcs & Goblins compared to the Lizardmen and I thought the match would have gone differently.  The Quality difference between armies was a major factor, as well as unit choices and die rolling of course.  One time I had three Orc Boyz with Medium Swords assaulting one Saurus Warrior, they got 2 attacks each plus 1 for assaulting plus 1 for Furious for a total of 12 attacks, but at Quality 5+ I got only 3 hits in.  The Saurus Warrior rolled to block at 3+ and defended all 3 hits.

Still the game is easy to pick up and quick to play.  It would be nice if they had some unit creation rules, so I wouldn't have to proxy models for existing Warhammer Fantasy units.  But that's only a minor quibble.

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