Thursday, May 19, 2016

Orion's Gate - playtest

A fleet has been prepared and dispatched to a strategic location only to encounter a rival fleet waiting for them.  Ships maneuver into position for the inevitable clash of steel and firepower.
Alpha Fleet

Omega Fleet

Picture won't rotate.  But Alpha is at top (left) and Omega is at bottom (right).

Picture still not rotated.  Omega's Squadrons moved up to shoot at Alpha's Squadrons, but missed.  So Alpha's continued on to snipe at Omega's Cruisers.

Cruisers exchanged fire.  Alpha's Cruiser managed to sink a torpedo into one of Omega's.

Both Battleships advance.  Lots of firepower unleashed but little damage.

One of the Omega Squadrons defeated by Alpha's.

Alpha's Cruiser, damaged by a previous Omega Squadron attack, decided to inflict a lethal strike on the tough Omega Battleship.  The ramming action would unfortunately destroy the ramming Cruiser.

So the Omega Battleship rammed the Alpha's, damaging both.

Alpha's battleship locked on all weapons and finished off the Omega's.  The lone Omega Squadron abandoned the fight.

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