Saturday, May 28, 2016

New adventure for Ganesha Games' 4 Against Darkness

For those of you who may be interested, Ganesha Games has just released a new adventure for their solitaire pen-and-paper dungeon-delving game:  4 Against Darkness (

The title of the adventure is Dark Waters (  Its divided up into two parts; the first is a planned dungeon (with a couple different paths to enter and NPCs you encounter to gain you entrance) and the second part is the typical random dungeon creation (but with a BUNCH of new aquatic minions, bosses, traps, treasures, etc.).  Of course its left open as an invitation to play your own random dungeons but using just the aquatic tables, so you'll have a reason to crack open this adventure again.  As an added bonus, there is a new playable class, the Swashbuckler.

Hopefully you will be interested in trying the adventure out, please give opinions and constructive criticisms.  If this turns out to be something enjoyable, I might write up a new one.  Yep, I wrote it.  My first published adventure anywhere on any format, please be gentle.  Thanks!

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